Don Jalbert Fine Art 
A pod of Killer whales swims in the ocean,  43 x 57 oil on canvas
A Bald Eagle soars through the clouds, Oil on canvas 20 x 24
An impressionistic painting of a girls walking through a field of wildflowers 16 x 20 oil on board
An oil painting of Copley Square Boston, Collection Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cavanaugh
An oil painting of a small brook near my home as the snow begins to thaw.  16 x 12 oil on panel
Late evening at the marches in Newbury, MA  9 x 12 oil on panel
Daysailing in Salem Harbor, 24 x 30 oil on Canvas
My neighbors pine trees in Spring 16 x 12 oil on panel
A beach at Salem Willows, Salem, MA 5 x 7 oil on panel
The horseshoe falls in Niagara,  oil on canvas, 20 x 30
Oil painting of the shipwreck of the Jenny M Carter as described by Edward Rowe Snow, 9 x 12 oil on panel
My name is Don Jalbert
Another mug shot of the artist, Don Jalbert
Thank you for visiting my website.  Here you will find a wide array of paintings.  Wildlife, landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes are all part of what I paint.  I also paint portraits and still life.

My style reflects many different influences including Van Ruisdael, Monet, Frank Benson, Edward Hopper and especially my mentor John C. Terelak.  I love art and love to paint the effects of sunlight on the landscape. 

As an artist I like my paintings to look like paintings.  I do not try to copy what I see exactly.  What good is that?  I add and delete elements and colors to tell a story and reveal my impression of the subject.  Too many painters copy what they see in paint and unfortunately this works for the increasingly uneducated art clientele.  It would be easier just to show the viewer a photograph than waste all the time and energy painting it.   My paintings are my vision, my story.  You may not always see it or feel it or appreciate it but its there.  Again, thanks for visiting, and may GOD richly bless you.
My favorite cartoon character armed with a brush and pallette

Art Websites

John C. Terelak

Carol Marine

Romona Youngquist

I first met John in 1979.  He was the first artist I ever met who was making a living as an artist.  An excellent teacher he was and still is the main influence of my artistic career.  Visit his site to see his amazing work.
Carol Marine wrote a book about daily painting and I read it takes up much of my daily reading.  The book is filled with tons of practical information beneficial to an artist's career and is the inspiration for my daily routine.   Small painting reign!.
I found Romona's work on Pinterest and discovered similarities between her work and mine mostly in the subject matter she sellects to paint.  Her work is amazing.   

Hobby Lobby

Utrecht Art

Dick Blick

Hobby Lobby is a new store for me bu it has everything you need all under one roof and good prices.  It is a Christian company anmd is not open on Sundays.  You can count on their integrity.
Dick Blick is my primary source for much
of the supplies I use every day.  Quality products, fast service and fast delivery are the standard for this art outlet.
Utrecht Art was my first major art outlet and since it has merged with Dick Blick you can get the best of both worlds.